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The Department of Clinical Pharmacy of the SBMU School of Pharmacy was formed in 2004 following admission of the experts in pharmacotherapy, and after the constant follow-ups by the department academic staff members and the school authorities. Bearing in mind the specific educational and research-based nature of the department, the academic staff members were present in the clinical wards and pharmacies of the SBMU educational centers and hospitals. The active participation of the department academic staff in the patients’ health care teams, and offering medicinal consultations to the physicians, nurses, students, and patients, along with their constant presence in the school for offering various related courses, such as disease pharmacotherapy, clinical pharmacology, drug informatics and intoxications, hospital pharmacy in-service training periods, pharmacy in-service training (for PhD General students of pharmacy), as well as the courses of advance therapy-ology, advanced pharmaco-kinetics, computerized drug informatics, and clinical in-service training ( for the assistants), and also designing and initiating various projects and research dissertations and proposals have all enforced a heavy responsibility on this newly-established department. Following constant efforts of the department academic staff members and the authorities of the school, in 2006 the department was approved to admit graduate programs whose first admission was in 2007. There are currently 23 graduate students studying at the department.      

In addition to being present in the 4 SBMU educational hospitals, the department’s academic staff holds the responsibility of the educational pharmacies supervised by the school. The department’s research lab was established in 2004, which is active in conducting the researches of the PhD General, and PhD dissertations, as well as the research projects at the department. The department also holds seminars and conferences in SBMU educational hospitals, and conducts workshops on logical drug prescriptions for physicians and interns; moreover, the department holds seminars about Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR), and performs seminars for pharmacists around the country.

The department has tight and close collaboration with the Office of Food & Drug of Deputy-Minister of Health, with the Clinical Pharmacy Specialized Board, and with the High Council for Planning in General Secretary Office in Pharmacy; all with active participation on the department’s part. 

The Department of Pharmacotherapy of the SBMU School of Pharmacy has already passed the stage for defining and locating the presence of the clinical pharmacy successfully, and in line with the strategic plans of the SBMU School of Pharmacy, is increasing moving towards its goals. The research interests of the department include evaluation, and investigation about DUE, and DUR, clinical trials, pharmaco- vigilance, ADR, pharmaco-genetics, pharmaco-economics, and logical drug prescription & use.

The results of the researches and academic activities of the department’s academic staff members may be well depicted by accomplishing 70 PhD dissertations & PhD General Proposals, and also publishing more than 100 articles and review articles, and finally publishing 12 applied textbooks. 

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