A Note from the Dean

Based on the known knowledge and beliefs, the science of pharmacy is a reflection of treatment and fight against the diseases, in which way all phases of discovery, synthesis, of and identification of the impacts and side-effects, formulation, mass-production, and drug marketing and trade, and finally the collaboration with the physician and the medical team have to be undertaken. What makes us successful in our approach and eases the achievement to our goals includes learning and training of all the details of the above processes. I am grateful to announce that whatever we need in our way is accessible and available via the cooperation of the active, and academic staff members, as well as with the presence of attentive and knowledgeable clerks, and modern and suitable facilities.

The SBMU School of Pharmacy, with 36 years of experience, has got the honor to admit all interested people in pharmacy; and we try our best to provide suitable grounds for education, research, and rendering services to the society.

Our school is also proud to have admitted outstanding and innovative students through Centralized University Entrance Examinations. Your active presence in the fields of science and your collaborations with the academic staff and the experts and personnel will definitely help the school to obtain its goals. I do hope that those who choose this school for their studies be the kind of students who will elevate their scientific, ethical, and social personalities in a healthy ground and constructive atmosphere; so that when they graduate, they could have effective roles in drug management system and health of our country. This way, we may be able to take steps to play our humane and Islamic roles.

Hossein Vahidi

Dean Of School